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Masterclass and Recital Schedule

Richard Carnegie Double Bass Studio



All studio classes and recitals take place at the UofS unless otherwise stated. Room numbers are shown below. Students will be invited to play at a masterclass approx 2-3 weeks prior to the masterclass date. All students are expected to attend all masterclasses. It is a learning opportunity as well as an opportunity to support other students in the studio. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early if you are playing, 5 minutes early if you are only observing. All masterclasses are open to the public. If you have a friend (perhaps from school) who is also a bass player, please feel free to invite them to attend.


Please note that there are class recitals in December and May. All students participate in recitals.


Playing with a pianist is required for recitals and highly encouraged for masterclasses. I may be able to accompany you for some of your repertoire. However, I'm a much better bassist than pianist so there is some more difficult piano parts that I won't attempt. I'll discuss this individually with you in lessons.


All masterclasses will be 1.5hrs long. Recital lengths vary but are usually similar in length



October 21st 6pm-7:30pm Room 1036

November 30th 6:15-7:45pm Room 1033 (last studio class before UofS juries)

*December 16th 6pm-7:30pm Convocation Hall

February 17th 6pm-7:30pm Room 1036

March 17th 6pm-7:30pm Room 1036 (last studio class before UofS juries &Music Festival)

*May 30thth 6pm-7:30pm Convocation Hall


  • * = recitals


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